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Kombucha Tea is an ancient elixir and nutritional powerhouse bursting with life giving Amino Acids, Antioxidants, Vitamins, Enzymes & Organic Acids. This drink is alive, created through the power of ‘fermentation’ or ‘transformation’ of beneficial bacteria and yeasts and sweetened tea at a molecular level. Known for being a rich source of Probiotics, Kombucha can help improve your internal microbial community by boosting the good bacteria in your gut, enhancing the healthy function of your body’s Digestive system and Immune system.

Nourish your inner landscape with the wisdom passed down from our Elders…. And cleanse your system with a daily routine of KOMBUCHA to help restore wellness and vitality and bring your body back into balance so it can heal itself naturally.


Soaking up the high mountain sunshine all year round, this ancient green tea is a unique beauty. Hand picked, sun dried and then hand-rolled honouring the family's secret artisan traditions, this vibrant green tea is alive with flavours of toasted rice and wildflowers. Infused with invigorating mate & cold pressed ginger, this lively tonic will intoxicate your senses and activate your Qi. Say yes to your wellbeing.

Available in:

330ml & 750ml

Hand-picked and processed on the full moon, this ancient white tea carries the medicine of the moon in its leaves. Shadowy black on one side and golden white on the other, this mystical tea embodies sweet floral fragrances with undertones of persimmon & wildflower honey. Its light & soft Qi welcome time for self nurture and heart connection. Combined with the healing flowers of Elder & Sacred Lotus, this divine Kombucha experience is an offering of self love.

Available in:

330ml & 750ml


The Vision

My vision is for clean food that supports us to be in our true state of wellness.  When we eat clean nourishing food we support our mind, body & spirit to be in its highest vibration.  From this place we can have a deeper and more loving relationship with ourselves.  Which in turn, brings us into a deeper and more loving relationship with each other and our world.  I believe in beginning with self.  And self is most powerful in its true state of wellness.   Kombucha is one small part of a very big picture, although it is a wonderful accompaniment on the road…

This commitment to self doesn’t stop there for the business, as there is the commitment to walk an ethical path that for me means choices that support harmony and well-being on the planet for all.  Kombucha Mamma’s teas are in alignment with that vision and as the business grows I hope to expand my potential to be a part of positive change and a cleaner world… From the Inside out!


Kombucha is alchemy.  It is the process of fermenting sweetened tea with a symbiotic colony of bacteria & yeasts (‘The SCOBY’ or also known as ‘The Mother’), which transforms at a molecular level into a nourishing elixir of vitality.   Bursting with life supporting nutrients, such as amino acids, antioxidants, vitamins, enzymes & organic acids, Kombucha is a functional food that supports our life force.  It is a rich source of probiotics and of life energy.  It can help improve the microbial community by boosting the good bacteria in the gut, enhancing the function of the Digestive system & Immune system.  It has been used since ancient times for its ability to stimulate metabolism, increase the effectiveness of natural detoxification processes and replenish vital organic acids & enzymes required by the body for optimal health.  Ultimately, Kombucha helps return the body back to a state of balance so it can heal itself naturally.

On another level, there is a mystical element in the Kombucha brewing process that is awakened in the process of transmuting the molecular structure, of which draws in a higher vibration.  Foods of a high vibration deepen our alignment with self and our well-being, creating healing & restoration in the body.


"Evolving from my own love and devotion for this amazing drink, my biggest gift from drinking Kombucha has been a renewed energy and greater embodiment of well-being."

Clare Muller - Creator of Kombucha Mamma

The Tea

The Kombucha Mamma range uses

ancient hand made teas that:

  • Preserve ancient skills, culture & traditions.
  • Are hand made using traditional techniques.
  • Honour the spirit of the tea all the way through the tea cultivation process.
  • Are grown organically in pristine natural environments.
  • Support small sustainably minded farms & are fairly traded.
  • Have exceptional qi energy. ‘Qi’ being the essence of tea and its healing potential.
  • Create an exceptional Kombucha Tea experience through their high vibration and powerful qi energy.
Wild Snow - Phoenix Mountain



The Optimum Kombucha Brew

The Continuous Brewing method allows the Kombucha to form the most bountiful array of nutrients and acids possible during its active fermentation time.  This is because only 50% of the finished brew is taken and bottled at one time, leaving 50% to continue in the fermentation process.  A new 50% sweetened tea mixture replaces what was taken and thus the fermentation dance continues on a deeper journey where more of the wonderful beneficial acids are created.

While in a standard 7-10 day single brewing system the ferment has a wide variety of health benefits, the longer the ferment the greater the number of beneficial acids able to be produced.  Some of these acids don’t actually appear until 14-21 days into the process  and it’s these acids that play an important role in the detoxifying nature of Kombucha Tea.   Only in a Continuous Brew is the Kombucha able to maintain a consistent established ferment meaning a more mature Kombucha and the optimum healthy brew for you.

'Jade Heart Green Tea, Máte & Ginger' is a continuous brew

nourish your inner landscape


If you are interested in stocking Kombucha Mamma or have any questions, please submit via this contact form or the following details:

Contact: Clare Muller
Phone: +61 434 047 332
Email: kombuchamamma@gmail.com
Website: www.kombuchamamma.com.au

Supporting Organic Producers

We source high quality Organic produce for our Kombucha tea. With our mindful choices we deepen our connection to our hearts, each other and our earth.

Hand Made in Byron Bay

By a local Mamma.  Aligning with our creative potential teaches us to walk our path with purpose. Lets offer our gifts to our communities and co-create the world we want to live in.

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